Acosol renews its call center service, which adapts to Covid regulations

Acosol renews its call center service, which adapts to Covid regulations

j. m. m. Acosol has renewed its citizen service call center, having terminated the contract with the company that provided the service, which will now be provided by the company Gestión de Actividades y Servicios Empresariales, SAU, as announced in a press release from the Costa del Sol water management company.

The new awardee, the note clarifies, will offer a new call center service, which will continue to manage the calls received by customers to give a quick and effective response to the queries and procedures that are provided from Acosol, and that they have to do with billing, issuance of receipts, monitoring of incidents, as well as breakdowns or repairs, among other services.

For Carlos Cañavate, Chief Executive Officer, «the telephone service to citizens has become an essential tool since new channels of attention have been incorporated, avoiding unnecessary travel, especially in the situation of the health crisis arising from Covid-19 since last March; With a simple call, from home, the possibility is given to resolve the management or to advise on its preparation ».

The management of this new service enables the attention of quantitative and qualitative reports, both daily and accumulated, the results of which allow a detailed study of the behavior of calls and the most common causes for future planning of the volume of activity. Acosol also points out that it will favor management for the rest of the departments and services, speeding up response times, avoiding duplication of information.

The new awardee will have a two-year contract, with an extension of one more, and will serve users in different languages, from nine in the morning to three in the afternoon, in addition to receiving all calls received and managing incidents that may arise outside office hours, which will allow greater agility in citizen inquiries.